Dimitris K. Avgitidis was born in Alexandroupolis in 1964.

He studied in the Law Faculty of University of Athens (1982-1986) and he received the title of Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Law at King’s College, University of London (1990-1993). His PhD Thesis on “The Liability of the Parent Company for the Debts of its Subsidiary”, was carried out with a scholarship by the Foundation “ALEXANDROS ONASIS”. He has acquired master's degree (Master of Law) in International Trade Law from the London School of Economics (1988-1989), master's degree in economics from the Guilhall University of London (Master of Economics, 1989-1990) and stockbroker representative diploma in London Stock Exchange (Certificate of Registered Representative). He speaks English, French and German.

He is a Professor of Commercial Law in the Law Faculty of ‘’Democritus University of Thrace’’, where he teaches capital markets law, bankruptcy and rescue law, competition law, corporate law, insurance law and consumer protection law in undergraduate and postgraduate level.  From February 2013 onwards, he teaches the subjects of Modern Business Transactions and Insolvency Law in the National School of Judges. He is a lawyer at the Supreme Court and member of the Athens Bar Association since 1991. He is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Association of Greek Commercialists and of the Company of Consumers Protection Law, member of the Company of Competition Law and regular collaborator/contributer of the legal magazine “Chronicles of Private Law” and he participates in the legal magazine “Business and Company Law”.

He has been a member of the ‘’Hellenic Competition Commission’’ (September 2009 -March 2012) whereas, since April 2011 he is a member of the Board of Directors of the “Hellenic Capital Market Commission’’.

At European Level he has been President of the European Council’ s Working Group on the European Directive on takeover bids (2005/25/EC) in 2003. Since July 2013 until June 2014, he participated, as Deputy Chairman, in the Working Group of the European Council for the amendment of the Insolvency Regulation no. 1346/2000.

He is the representative of the Hellenic Republic (Ministry of Justice) in Working Group IV of the United Nations Committee on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL).

He has served on several legislative committees in the field of competitionand commercial law. 

He is the author of the books: "Capital markets law" (2014), "The listed company" (2nd ed., 2013), “Corporate rescue” (2011), "The listed company" (2008), "The  underwriter’s responsibility in Consumer Protection Law "(2005), and “Groups of Companies: The liability of the Parent Company for the Debts of its Subsidiary”, (1996). He is also the author of numerous studies and articles in corporate law, capital markets law, competition law, consumer protection law, insolvency law and he participated with lectures in several congresses on the above subjects.

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